"We still ask women to work like they don't have kids and parent like they don't work. It's well past time to change all that." 

- Forget "Having It All": How America Messed Up Motherhood—and How to Fix It

“Westervelt argues in this forceful call to arms that American mothers have long suffered from institutional sexism, and she proposes bold political and cultural shifts intended to put mothers on an equal footing with men. ”   - Publisher's Weekly

“a worthwhile addition to accessible feminist literature.”   - Booklist

You may have noticed lately that American mothers are stressed out. A couple years ago, I went looking for a book that would tell me why. I didn’t find it, so I decided to write it. After hundreds of interviews and a lot of hours spent researching through the archives in the Library of Congress, it’s finally here. The book examines our cultural notions of motherhood, how they impact all women, whether or not they decide to have kids, and what we can do to improve matters. Click to order from any of the fine retailers below.


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